advice and expert appraisal : listenning, needs analysis, strategic recommendations

 analysis of the value and the opportunities : study of the realisation and the rentability of the project, technic and economics analysis, budget

 elaboration : constitution of a sketch of the project, paste-up and diagrams


 elaboration of the specifications

 fonctionnal specification : definition of the needs and the production's performances

 command of the project : coordination of the different professions who are necessary to realize the project


 developpement : creation of the software applications, study and realisation of electric diagrams

 parameters : personnalisation of the software

 integration and simulation : system assembly and validation, with simulation of the operations


 test on the industrial site : complete check-up of the software and the hardware

 standardisation : adjustement of the instruments of measure and technic control

 production : definitive beginning of the system


video supervision : video driving and video diagnosis of the installation

management of the files : management of the adaptibilities of the installed systems


 video maintenance : help at the diagnosis and the resolution of the eventual dysfonctionnements

 conformity check : verification of the respect of the european standards of security of people and properties


 audit : analysis of the eventuality of a staff 's formation

 formation : formation of the operators of the exploitation and maintenance